No Abortion-on-Demand Amendment to MD Constitution!

Maryland anti-life politicians want to “enshrine a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy in the state constitution, joining a number of other states attempting to preempt any possible move by the Supreme Court to erode abortion protections.” (8/2/18 article in Baltimore Sun)

The innocent killing of unborn babies across our state and the country is not something to be “enshrined.”

It needs to be stopped and any attempt to put abortion in our state Constitution must be opposed at all costs.

By signing this petition you are supporting Maryland Pro-Life Alliance PAC’s position that this amendment be voted down.

Maryland Democrats are planning to push this dangerous scheme in 2020 via Senate Bill 664.

Please sign this petition OPPOSING SENATE BILL 664 now and donate to this cause to hold the pro-abort politicians accountable on this issue.


AOD Amendment 2020